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Your Comprehensive Guide When Buying Pool Filters


Your Comprehensive Guide When Buying Pool Filters

The rains have already subsided, and as the weather started to improve, it is now time for you to think about your big project which is the swimming pool.  There are homeowners who turned out quite lucky when organizing their swimming pool; they will not experience any leak, there is a good water circulation and the pump functions well.  However, other people tend to encounter numerous problems, especially on their filtrating device.  To help them with their concern, we have created a comprehensive guide for Pool Filters.

A Walkthrough on the Different Pool Filters

Your pump and your filter serves as the heart of your pool; without it, you will not be able to enjoy the experience of dipping in the clear waters.  That is why you need to guarantee that you are choosing the right size for your pool.  There are lots of pool filters ideal for different size of your swimming area.  Some of the most recommended brands would be Waterway, Jandy, Pentair and Hardway Pool Filter.  Most of them carry the basic function and feature and the same warranty, the type of the filters creates the difference.

Pool Filter Sand

The sand filter is generally consist of a tank with vertical PPC that serves as the stand located at the center which goes all the way to the bottom area wherein it was connected with the manifold using lateral pipe.  The Sand filter is basically filled with Pool Filter Sand, Zeolite, and Filter Glass.  The traditional type of sand filter is filled up to 2/3 of the container wherein a valve sits above of it.  There is a clam that secures this valve on place.  To look at how the pool filters work, the water will initially pass to the diffuser and the valve, then it will go through the sand that traps the tiny particles.  It will then pass through the standpipe and back to the pool again.  It has the ability to filter a particle that has 20 micros and should be replaced after 3 years.

Cartridge Pool Supplies

In the event that you are looking for a more simplified filter, then the Cartridge pool filters would be perfect.  It is narrow and tall which saves a lot of space.  This filtration system utilized a specialized fiber that has a higher capacity to filter smaller particles.  Unfortunately, its longevity is shorter compared to the pool filter sand.

D.E. Pool Accessories

Diatomaceous Earth Filter or D.E is consisting of the fossilized remains of the diatoms.  It has the highest porosity which makes it the best filtration system.  It can filter anything that is above 5 micron that will provide you an unparalleled clarity on your pool waters.  It can last for 10 years while replacing the pool accessories such as the O-ring, the gauge, and the E-clips.

Regardless of your choice for your pool filters, you should make sure to keep it clean and well maintained to prolong the life span of the device.  These 3 types of filters are commonly used in today’s household.

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