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Factors to Consider when Shopping for Kids Swimming Pools

Factors to Consider when Shopping for Kids Swimming Pools

Kids love to splash around in cold water especially in the hot summer months. This makes a owning a small kids pool at home a great idea. It is, however, important to have a number of factors in mind to help you decide on the best pool to purchase from the wide variety of kids swimming pools available out there. Furthermore, planning in advance will also help you prepare for the costs involved in buying and maintaining the kiddie pool of your choice.

Read on below to find out some of the main factors to keep in mind when it comes to buying a kiddie pool.


Before you go out in search of a kids pool, it is important that you find out the available space on your yard. You can measure the entire yard at your house, and them calculate the amount of space available for a kiddie pool. Remember to include additional measurements for any other pool related structures you might want to have installed, such as a deck. Once you have an estimate of the available space, you can then start looking at viable options.


Kids’ swimming pools are designed in different sizes with regard to the age of the intended users. As such, you need to think about your kid’s age before choosing a swimming pool. Generally, there are pools for kids aged between one and six years, and those above six years. An inflatable pool is best suited for younger kids below the age of six, while older kids will need a sturdier and larger pool.

Regularity of Use

How often a kiddie pool is used will have a huge significance on the type of pool you should buy. This is because the frequency of use will have an effect on its durability. Where the kids pool will only be used sparingly, a temporary option makes the most sense. However, if your kids plan on spending a lot of time in the pool, it is best that you look for a sturdier pool that will stand up to regular use and exposure to the elements.

Legal Requirements

Depending on where you live, you might need a permit issued by local authorities before you can install a pool at home. As such, it is important that you first enquire about any legal requirements you might need to satisfy. This will help you avoid any legal repercussions down the road.

With the above tips on mind, you will have a better chance of choosing the best kiddie pool for the intended purpose. Remember to also factor in some pool toys for your kid to play around with while in their new pool.

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