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INTEX Pool Configuration Information

INTEX pool configuration information

If you want the fun and comfort of a pool in the yard without the high cost, an inflatable Intex pool or framed metal pool may be a good choice. These pools generally cost well under $ 500 and are relatively easy to set up and maintain. The key to getting the highest level of enjoyment from your Intex pool is properly prepared before you begin to set it up.

Ground level

Most importantly when setting up an inflatable Intex pool or a metal pool frame has the floor perfectly level before you start. If you set your pool on the uneven ground, it will quickly tilt to one side, causing it to become unstable and possibly unsafe. You can make your work much easier by selecting the most level place in your backyard for your pool. Once you have found a place, use sand to level the floor before you begin to set up the Intex pool.


The Intex pool comes with a filter and pump that helps keep the water clean and free of insects, leaves and other debris. That filter and pump require electricity to operate, so you should consider the location of electric outlets outdoors when deciding where to locate the pool. If you must use an extension cord to get the power to the filter and pump, use one that is specifically designed for outdoor use. Using an outdoor extension cord outdoors can be very dangerous.

Ground cover

Once the floor is level and you are ready to start putting your Intex pool, your first step should be to lay the ground cover and pull it taut. The floor covering is designed to protect the bottom of the pool from tree roots, rocks and other things that can puncture it and cause the pool to leak. Extend the floor covering to the place you have chosen for your pool, then firmly stretch and recheck the floor level. Adjust the sand under the fabric to the floor if necessary before proceeding with the installation of the Intex pool.

Building the Pool

The exact instructions for assembling the pool and filling it with water vary from model to model. If you have a metal-framed pool, the box should include detailed instructions showing how metal panels fit and put up. If you have an inflatable Intex pool, you can simply put it on the ground cloth, the top ring will fill with air with an Intex air compressor and start filling with water. The walls of the pool should rise as the pool fills up.

If you see the pool begin to lean to one side, or if there is more water on one side than the other, it is an indication that the ground is not as level as it should be. In that case, you need to go back and re-level the floor before proceeding.

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