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Pool Filter Sand – Is It Time to Get One?

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Pool Filter Sand – Is It Time to Get One?

These days, there continues to be a debate on the topic of the best filter for swimming pools that are available in the market. Is it pool filter sand (Diatomaceous Earth) or cartridge filter? The actual preferences may turn out to be varied. The truth is, any type of filter system may be used for making sure of proper maintenance of a swimming pool.

One of the most common, and basically the oldest filtration method is using pool filter sand. The filtration process is done by gravity, pulling water down with the sand. As the water goes through the pool filter sand, the sand catches the debris, only allowing clean water to go out of the pipe. The process is similar to that of the filtering that happens on your coffee maker.

The Filtering Process

With the use of pool filter sand, the dirt and debris that has accumulated will cause pressure dropping between the inlet and the outlet of the filter. The flow of water will slow down, indicating that it is already time for you to do some maintenance job. The maintenance process involved with the use of filters is called as backwashing.

The process of backwashing involves some valves adjusted so as to redirect the water flow. Rather than having the water returned to the pool, It is drained back to the sewer. The flow of water is ‘reversed’ by pumping it from the outlet, then coming out again of the inlet pipe, which is attached to the drainage pipe. This process is what pushes that dirt and debris accumulated from the pool filter sand, thus flowing it out do the drain, and out to the sewer.

As time passes by, the particles in the pool filter sand will also smooth out as a result of a wear and tear caused by the flow of water. As this happens, the efficiency of filtration may decrease. This is also a good time to change your sand filter. There are different opinions on how this should be done. Usually, it takes around five years before a change is needed. There are even some that reaches 20 years before changing, as it depends on the maintenance and usage.

The Process

In order to change the pool filter sand, there are some steps that need to be followed. One is removing old sand, draining water out of the tank before opening the tank. In order to continue the process and do so effectively, it is best to read the manual of the filter tank since there are different types of filter tanks that you may need to work on. This is also recommended in order to make sure of the proper sand replacement.




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