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How Much Does A Pool Cost?

How Much Does A Pool Cost?

Asking the question of how much a pool costs is similar to asking how much a house costs. There is not only one answer. The pool installation cost depends on a lot of factors. The only way that you can get the true pool installation cost is to get quotes from a few contractors.

Before you contact a contractor to find out their pool installation cost, you should do some research beforehand. The first thing you should research is the rough cost of a pool. This information can help you make sure that you can afford a pool. The second is to have an idea about the information that the contractor will need to give you an estimate for the pool installation cost.

The Cost of the Average Pool

This is figure is very rough, but most pools are in the $25,000 to $50,000 range. This is assuming the pool is average in size, and you live in a city that has the average cost of living. Extras and the materials used are averaged also. The reality is that your pool is not going to be in that average range.

What Factors into the Pool Installation Cost?

 This is just a small list of factors that will determine what the final pool installation cost is:


  1. Size


The biggest factor of the installation cost is the size of the pool. For most areas, the cost per square foot is around $50.


  1. Depth


While this is could be included with the size of the pool, it still worth looking at depths by it. The deeper that you want your pool, the more labor, and materials that are going to needed. The depth of the pool has a huge effect on the pool installation cost.


  1. Materials


What materials are used to line the pool also greatly affects the pool installation cost. Fiberglass and concrete are seen as premium materials, and cost more to use than vinyl.


  1. Your Area


This is the factor that you cannot control. For most areas, the cost of living will affect how much a pool will cost. Along with the pool installation cost, you will also have to pay for the building permits. The cost of the building permit depends greatly on the area you live in.


There is no one answer to how much a pool installation cost is. Pool installation cost is made up of a lot of factors, and some of those you cannot really control. If you want to find out how much a pool would cost in your area, and for the features that you want, you should contact a few contractors in your area. While price is important, you should pick the contractor who you trust the most. Once you have an idea of what your pool installation cost will be, you should start thinking about how you are going to pay for it.

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