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When to Clean or Replace a Pool Filter Cartridge

When to Clean or Replace a Pool Filter Cartridge

If you properly clean your pool filter cartridge, it will keep your pool clean and also increases its lifespan. However, every pool filter cartridge will need to be replaced at one time or another. There are minerals, oils, and dirt that build up over time that cannot be removed by cleaning. Here are tips about how and when to clean your pool filter, and when you should replace the pool filter cartridge.

When to Clean Your Pool Filter Cartridge?

A pool filter cartridge needs a cleaning when the pressure gauge on the filter has increased by over 8 PSI. For most pools, cleaning should be done after 6 months of use. This is assuming that you are using the right sized filter, and you are not putting a large burden on the filter. If there is a change in the pool water quality, check the pool filter cartridge for tears or other damage or if it needs to be cleaned.

How to Properly Clean Your Pool Filter Cartridge?

To start cleaning the pool filter cartridge, you should remove any pieces of large debris or dirt. This can be done with your garden hose. Start from the top and work toward the bottom, this will clean the pleats of the filter. The deeper that you can clean, the longer that the pool filter cartridge will last.

Then soak the pool filter cartridge in a specialized cleaning solution to remove the oil and scum build-up. This soak should be overnight or for 24 hours, depending on the product that you are using.  It is not recommended to just hose off the pool filter cartridge and place it back in the filter. You should also allow the cartridge to dry before putting it back.

It is recommended that you have an extra pool filter cartridge. This extra cartridge can be used when you are cleaning the other pool filter cartridge. The extra cartridge allows the pool to still filter, while you are cleaning or waiting for the other cartridge to dry.

For most pools, the pool filter cartridge has to be replaced after 3 to 5 years of use. However, you should not just use time to determine when to replace the cartridge. The performance of the pool filter cartridge should be the determining factor.

A pool filter cartridge is important since it filters out dirt, extra chemicals, and other items you do not want in your pool. The amount of time that you can use a pool filter cartridge for will depend on the amount of demands that you place on the filter. The proper cleaning can help with the life span of the pool filter cartridge. However, if you are having problems in a short time after you have cleaned the cartridge, you should replace it.

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