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Salt Water Pool Facts

Salt Water Pool Facts

There has been a lot of debate surrounding salt water pools. On one hand, salt water pool systems have been portrayed as the best systems due to their associated cost saving benefits; on the other hand, some criticism has been leveled against them in a variety of respects. It is worth mentioning that just like everything else; these systems have their benefits and drawbacks. However, as we will demonstrate below, most of the criticism leveled against salt water pool systems is unfounded and based on lack of proper information.

Below we will delve more into some of the main facts you should know as far as salt water pool systems are concerned.


Cost is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to major decisions, such as the type of pool system to use. It is true that salt water pool systems require a larger investment when it comes to purchasing the salt water generator. However, it is also worth noting that with this system in place, you will need to purchase a lower amount of pool chemicals; amounting to cost savings over time. It is also worth noting that the salt generator usually lasts longer when used sparingly; turning it on only when necessary will ensure that it lasts longer.


With a salt water pool system installed, you will need to clean the pool less frequently. A salt water pool system does not mean that you will no longer have to maintain the pool; it only means that you do not have to maintain it as frequently as is needed with other systems. This makes it a great alternative for pool owners who have very little time available to conduct pool water maintenance. Of course, you will still need to regularly check the water balance.

Effects on Pool Equipment

It is common for pool owners to ask about the effect of using a salt water pool generator on the pool equipment. Concrete pool surfaces may need to be replaced slightly earlier than is the case with other systems. Fiberglass pool surfaces, on the other hand, are not affected in any way by the use of a salt water pool system. Other general equipment such as pump seals and the filter system may need replacement earlier with the use of a salt water pool generator; however, the expenses involved are minimal.

Effects on Swimmers

Perhaps one of the most important concerns pool owners might have with regard to salt water pool systems is the effect on swimmers. These systems have as little as a tenth of the salt content in ocean water. You should therefore not be worried about suffering from eye or skin irritation due to the salt content.

After reading the above facts about salt water pool systems, you conclude that the benefits outweigh the cost especially given the expensive nature of swimming pool cleaning supplies.

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