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Saltwater Pool Systems – A Better Alternative

Saltwater Pool Systems – A Better Alternative

For several years now, there have been ongoing discussions as to the capabilities of saltwater pool systems as compared to the traditional, chlorine based pool systems. Reality dictates that both of the systems come with both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to determining the winner.

As suggested by its name, saltwater pool, unlike those that are chlorine based, produces chlorine as water passes through a salt cell. As we know, salt is composed of two elements – chlorine and sodium. With this, water is sanitized.

Features and Benefits

Out of the many things that serve as comparison point, maintenance is often the most debated topic. When it comes to using a saltwater pool, after the salt chlorinator is installed, the entire system will only need small amounts of salt added in order to compensate for the backwashing process. This system is very easy to use and is uncomplicated. It may also be added to any kind of pool. In order to install this system, you just need to setup a salt cell towards the plumbing in between the pool filters and the water outlet.

A lot of pool owners also claim that saltwater pool systems generally feel fresher, while sparkling more as compared to a chlorine pool. This can be scientifically explained as well. As a salt chlorinator is operated, it produces a very small level of ozone, which is the mechanism that is responsible for the freshness and extra sparkle. This is not really complicated. Also, salt is safer compared to chlorine, as the latter can cause damage to swim suits.

Another benefit of using a saltwater pool is that they are also designed to operate at the lowest levels of concentration of water salt. In fact, they can usually cope with different variations of salinity, with as low as 3000 ppm for minimum. Some owners also agree that inground pool prices, including the installation of this type of system, are more reasonable, especially in the long run.

Taking the Plunge

As nature tells us, saltwater covers about two third of our planet. It is also compatible with us, humans. As such, there is no need to worry about it hurting the swimmers on your pool, and your pool itself. While some people are understandably concerned with the decision that they will be making, there is no question that it is a great alternative to the traditional chlorine-based pools. After all, it’s just a matter of degree. As long as the right methods are applied, you can expect to see the overall benefits of selecting this system over the standard, more commonly used option. Saltwater pool systems have not just gained popularity these days for no reason.

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