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Tips For Installing A Surface Pool

Tips for Installing a Surface Pool

Putting in your garden or backyard an elevated or surface pool is relatively simple and you will have at your disposal a pool at any time of day.

A raised or raised pool is a very good option to place in the backyard of your house or garden. With this type of pool, you will have the possibility to take a good dip at any time of the day. Installing a surface pool is relatively simple. Just keep in mind some tips for installing a surface pool:


The first tips for installing a surface pool are, where you are going to place the pool that is a level ground. Make sure you have no trees around. You will also need a pump, so keep in mind the electrical installation.

Take care also to clean the place of rocks and roots so that they do not penetrate in the floor of the swimming pool.

It is also convenient to place a base of clean soil or sand on the ground that you have just leveled and for more protection for your raised pool put a plastic tarpaulin on that ground or canvas base.


If you opt for a raised metal pool you have to try to place partitions where the walls will rise. Once this is done place the swimming pool liner and smooth before filling it with water.

If your pool is inflatable you just have to place it on the floor taking into account that it is well leveled and filled with water.

You can also drill the ground so that the pool surface is flush with the ground, but here you may already need the help of a specialized company.



It is time to install the pump and the filter for installing a surface pool. You should also make sure that the pump is level. Then, place the hoses to the pump and connect to the light. You have to prepare the pump with water and that the water passes through the hoses.


Before you go for your first bath make sure to check the levels of chlorine and Ph. Add the appropriate chemicals to level them. Ph. must be between 7.2 and 7.8, while chlorine is recommended to be 1 to 3 parts per million. Never bathe until they are at the right indices.

Once you have installed the surface pool in your garden you can buy all the accessories you need for cleaning and maintenance throughout the summer.


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