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Ultimate Guide to the Best LED Pool Lights

Ultimate Guide to the Best LED Pool Lights

Have a swimming pool and want the ambience that underwater pool lights or even the floating pool lights create. Think of it, a warm summer night, the family and friends are over, and you are sitting on your deck and enjoying the warm, twinkling glow from your pool. Sounds fantastic and that is what LED pool lights can give you.

There are many different kinds of pool lights, and most are now LED, but there are two others which are incandescent and fiber optic lighting. The use of LED though is the benefit of different colored lights, and they are cheaper to run than the other two.

There are many different styles and brands of LED pool lights on the market today, so you have many options available to you. You just need to decide if you want natural white light, color changing light or one solid color light.

 LED Pool Lights– Best of

The WYZM 35 Watt Swimming Pool Light comes in daylight white but tops the charts on most review boards because of emitting in 35 watts what takes 500 watts for a halogen bulb to emit. This LED light is more of a cost savings and offers over sixty thousand hours of operation.

The WYZM 35 Watt Swimming Pool Coloring Changing light if you desire color in over twenty-five thousand gallons of pool water is the best of the best for your needs. Simply flip the switch for constant color changing and it uses less electricity than other brands.

 Underwater Pool Lights

The Aqua Life Magnetic Lights come as a dual pack and are bright white. They will create great ambience for anyone who loves enjoying their pool at any time. It can be installed either to a steel or vinyl sided pool and uses AA batteries and comes with a remote control to adjust brightness. Any need for inground pool lights, this should be your option.

Lemon Best Underwater Pool Lights comes with sixteen different color changing abilities and is completely waterproof. It is mounted and is made of silver aluminum to withstand corrosion and rust and will be a great way to improve older, worn out inground pool lights.

 Floating Pool Lights

The LED Glow Balls are floating pool lights that add a great party atmosphere to any pool that requires no electricity or batteries, but the battery will last up to eight hours then need recharging. These beautiful orbs are made of polyurethane for durability and water resistant. You can choose white light, one color or coloring changing options and control either by switch or remote.

This Underwater Light Starship is one of the best floating pool lights for crazy wild disco party fun. It offers eight bright LED Pool lights that dance to ten different light show options. It runs on AA batteries so requires no electricity or installation.

If you desire the best in LED pool lights for great ambience and fun, then any one of the vast numbers of underwater pool lights or even the easier and cheaper options of the floating pool lights will do the trick.

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