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Your Different Choices for Inground Pools

Your Different Choices for Inground Pools


There is perhaps no better way of beating the summer heat than having a dip in the pool. With this, if you have a large unused space in the yard, you can have it utilized by adding a pool. An easier way to do this would be through having an above ground pool. However, if budget permits, in-ground pools are a lot better. They are permanent and can provide more fun for the family and friends. If you are contemplating on having such a pool built in the yard, keep on reading and we will explore some of the choices that you will have.


Concrete Pools


Also called Shotcrete and Gunite, this is the most popular and most expensive choice for inground pools. You can build it as big as you want and you will have the flexibility to choose the shape and design that you want. It can also be integrated with the existing landscape and can be a work of art in itself. However, there are also some drawbacks that should be noted. For instance, aside from initial cost, the lifetime cost is also high, especially because of the need for renovation. Also, the surface of concrete is highly-porous, which affects the quality of water. This means that more chemicals will be required to ensure the quality of water.


Vinyl-Lined Pools


These are packaged pools, which are inclusive of steps, braces, wall panels, and vinyl pool liners. They are pieced together to create the pool. The components are created in such a way that they are engineered to fit together. They offer customizable shapes and sizes. It is also a good thing that the initial cost is low, making it an excellent option for people who are budget-conscious. It also has a non-porous surface, which allows it to resist the growth of algae. One of the problems with this type of pool, however, is that it is prone to being punctured by sharp objects. It is important to observe caution to make sure that such damages will not be apparent.


Fiberglass Pools


They are swimming pools that are already factory-molded. All that you need to do is to have it inserted in an excavated concrete. One of the best things about it is how it can be quickly installed since the pool is already built. It has a gel coating on the surface, which is nonporous, which also means that minimal maintenance will be required on your end. There is also no resurfacing, and hence, the lifetime cost is not a thing you should be worried about. Their size and shape, however, can be limited. They are shipped, and hence, there are size restrictions that are apparent.

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